DX Telnet Programs
Standard and  Sysop Versions

What is DX Telnet?

        DX Telnet is a Windows based, DX oriented, telnet application. Unlike the traditional telnet applications, DX Telnet was designed to fit the DXers needs and to fix most of the well known problems affecting the other traditional telnet applications, first of all the windows scroll back and the use of the BACKSPACE key; DX Telnet performs a rational information displaying, multi-connection, dummy activity simulation to fight idle disconnection timeouts and many, many other original and useful features.

        Currently DX Telnet is the first telnet program created to satisfy "Power DXers". If you use an Internet connection to eceive spots from a DX Cluster, probably this is the program you've always been looking for: now it exists! From version 2.0, X Telnet includes 3 programs in one: DX Telnet, for Telnet connections, DX-TNC for packet radio connections, DX-Plorer for onnections to OH2BUA's web cluster with automatic page refresh (minimum period 1 minute); these 3 programs can be run ogether to get DX-Spots from different sources; all the spots, from all the sources, will be displayed in each DX Window, without duplications.

        If you look for graphic special (and useless) effects, CPU waste animated icons, virtual 3D shows and so on, this program is NOT for you: DX Telnet user interface was designed to be essential and effective at the same time. The code was thought to ave and optimize CPU resources, also because this program can be run in multiple instances, so the waste would be multiplied; you can use DX Telnet on old 386 based computers, still getting good performance. Any function or option can be accessed both with a mouse and with a keyboard through instant shortcuts; this for at least two reasons:

                            1) You can even think to remove the mouse while using DX Telnet (thus gaining
                                a precious serial port, if the mouse is not a PS2 device)
                            2) A serious DXer has not so much time to play with a mouse or trackball
                                while in contest or during a big pile up.

        The multimedia functions have been added to increase utility, rather than create sensation; a special algorithm has been adopted to make the spell faster; I challenge you to find any other application with such a fast and natural spell (only the spaghetti voice", which is mine, can be improved a lot, say, by a YL voice :-)

        Finally... yes I know, DX Telnet has no in built log, it was made just for communication, not for data storage and retrieval, but... would you abandon your dear old log, with thousands of contacts, for a new one, only because it has telnet access facility? That's why now DX Telnet allows you to export DX-Spots to ANY log (Win or DOS based), yes, also to your dear, old, lucky log.

        Main Features:

 * Multi-source, multi-connection support
* Voice spot spell on incoming spots.
* Powerful spot filters (by frequency, by words, by spotter area and others)
* Powerful alerts (that you can redirect into your cell phone via SMS)
*Powerful spot related features (such as DXCC, antenna beaming, distance, Iota info and so on)
* Automatic connection/reconnection to any node
* Dx-info and qsl-info retrieval from the best online databases such as BUCKMASTER, GOLIST and QRZ
* Networking capability (redirect spots from a machine to another, via network)
* Internet spot bridge to local, RF based, isolated clusters
* Internet cluster use from remote locations without internet facilities
* Time/date adjustment from a collection of sharp time servers
These and many other features...try to right click any spotted call sign, in DX Telnet ...
DX Telnet (Standard)......................$35.00
DX Telnet (Sysop) Version
        The SYSOP version  of DX Telnet embodies all of the features above plus with the special registration code, a feature is unlocked for DX Nodes/Sysops.  The Sysops version unlocks the DX Bridge feature of DX Telnet.  This allows a sysop to feed an existing DXCluster with the spots received from one or more internet nodes.  This is not possible with a NORMAL registration.
DX Telnet (Sysop)...........................$70.00
DX Telnet Demo is available from the GOLIST web site for your immediate trial
For fast, efficient Customer Service email Fab, IK4VYX with your questions or problem.
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