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Are you looking for help with a QSL route for

the DX stations in your log?

The GOLIST, QSL MANAGER DATABASE has been helping DXer's like yourself with QSL routes for those elusive DX Stations since 1980.  The GOLIST has evolved into the most respected and trusted source for QSL MANAGER information in the world.  The GOLIST databases are continiously being verified and updated by DX stations, QSl Managers and many other DXers each and every month.   The Web database is updated with NEW or CHANGED routes DAILY   and is the most up to date Qsl Manager database on the Internet.  GoWeb gives the subscriber 52 WEEKS of UNLIMITED web database look ups  for just $28.00 a year.

DX ALERT is a Weekly report of announced DXpeditions and operations.  This report is updated weekly and made available via download each week. 

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More information and pricing for GoWeb

More information and pricing for DX ALERT


Would you like to have the access to the Web database and also have a QSL MANAGER database on your own computer?

Having the GOLIST,  Qsl Manager Database loaded onto your computer makes YOUR computer an even more powerful DX tool. The GOLIST Qsl Manager search program is available in both the older MS-DOS version and the newer Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista  versions.  The Windows version (GOWIN) is a true 32 bit program that offers reliable, fast searching operation.  Both the DOS version (GOLIST-DOS) and the Winows version (GOWIN) use the same Qsl Manager database file (GODATA) to power the search programs.  A real important benefit of having the GOLIST, QSL MANAGER DATABASE on your personal computer is the interaction of the GOLIST with the most popular Logging Software available today.  The GODATA database files also power this interface with the Logging program and your GOLIST-DOS / GOWIN programs. The GOWIN and GOLIST-DOS programs NEVER expire, the GODATA files must be renewed annually.  The GODATA files are updated and provided to the user WEEKLY via download from the special download area of the web site. 52 Weeks of GODATA data file updates for only $36.00 a year (that is less than 70 cents a week).

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More information and pricing for GOWIN

More information and pricing for GOLIST-DOS

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The GOLIST is a re-seller for these DX products.

DX TELNET is the most popular of the Internet telnet products used by DXer's world wide. No other telnet program offers the features, customer service and FREE Lifetime version updates that are included in DX TELNET.  Product downloads and orders can be made using the GOLIST web order form.

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More information and pricing for DX TELNET.

More information and pricing for DX HUNTER.

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The Radio Amateur Callbook ("the Flying Horse," as it has been known since the 1920s) is the original source of licensing data, trusted for generations. You will find that the original is the best. This newly updated CD contains North American and International listings, the most of any CD. This is the former contents of two entire paperback Callbooks on one easy-to-use CD. Windows/DOS platform.
The GOLIST offers special discount pricing to the DXer and FREE shipping to any USA address. An additional
discount is offer on the RAC CD when ordered with GOWIN / GOLIST-DOS / GODATA subscription product.

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